About Us

How unique you are in Writing Quality is the most sought out exercise in our competitive market.
Our products can sell when it gets into our customers Writing Pleasure in the first place. Ink is synonymous to the identity of the Writing as well as product. Good and better seek for the best;
Ink to the Pen is as Good as what Blood is to the Body. This is our commitment to ensure that our Inks administer conviction in demand of identification.

Corporate Philosophy

Enterprise creates change. And change leads to developments. The story of change of civilization is in effect the story of human enterprise. We at Global Inx recognizes the value of enterprise because its philosophy is based on its very Principles; Innovation; Insight; Instinct and Planned efforts.

Corporate Profile

Global Inx is ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Company. The Directors of global Inx have the experience of 22 years in the Writing Ink technology. We at Global Inx have ‘No Compromise Attitude’.

As a strategy of its growth and its commitment of thrust in high-core technology area to stay along with the changing time we have Taken Know How for Latest Technologies for Ball Point Pen Inks with Higher Self Life and Most Importantly Consistent quality, Pigmented Gel Inks, Gel Follower and Enhanced Smooth writing Pleasure, With LOW PRESSURE WRITING.

We manufacture Ball Point Pen Inks, Stamp pad Inks, Highlighter inks, sketch pen inks, Permanent Marker, Gel pen inks & Roller Inks. Our Inks are Well proven Across ( Decades ) Years and approved by Reputed Pen Manufacturers across Globe.